Purchasing Policy



Part of Wigs Wear House’s e-commerce service is to ensure that all merchandise is personally inspected to be free of manufactures defects prior to shipping.

We are a small retail wig shop that stocks over 1,000 wigs. We store brand new wigs in inventory boxes that allow us to look them up in our inventory system. Because of the limited space, we do not keep the original manufacturer’s boxes, tags or any of the packing material that is shipped with the wig.

Our quality control policy is as follows:

  1. We unbox the wig
  2. We inspect the wig for thin wefts of hair, defective cap construction or any other manufacturing defects.
  3. Once we approve the manufacturing quality, we remove all manufacturing hang tags (we leave the sewn in cloth tag). This allows us to properly fit the wig on customers that visit our shop. Health law requires that all customers wear a protective wig cap before trying on ANY of our wigs. This keeps the wig new, but allows our clients to try it on for fit and style.
  4. Once we remove the tags, we style the wig. Many wigs come from the factory with cold-set wrinkles from being stored in a warehouse.
  5. When we receive an online order, we make sure the wig is styled just like the picture on our website.
  6. After we have made sure that the style is correct, we place the styled wig in a larger shipping box, with surrounding protection, to make sure the wig arrives undamaged. Please note that the wig will NOT be shipped in the original manufacturer’s box. These boxes are too small and would ruin the style. If you are looking for an original box, no styling and possible cold-set, please call our shop and we can special order an original manufacturer’s version like we receive from the factory. This type of request cannot be purchased from our online e-commerce site, but we can accommodate this request if this is an absolute necessity.
  7. In the price, we include delivery insurance as well as all wigs require signature confirmation upon delivery.

We have taken every possible precaution to clearly explain our processes in this online purchasing policy. It is your responsibility to understand that we do not allow returns for any reason.

By enforcing this policy, we are able to offer brand new, quality merchandise at very competitive prices, ensuring that you will not be purchasing someone’s returned, and possibly worn, merchandise.

If you are uncomfortable with this purchasing policy, please do NOT purchase from our e-commerce site and visit our Wigs Wear House location. We will be happy to assist you in your selection and purchasing decision.